Name Pain
Element Fire
Tier II
Cost 13 (9 for fire element Wizards)
Instant No
Rarity Uncommon
Slottable No
Card Description Ignores Defense. Deals 5-15 damage per level, and Stuns opponent for 1 round.

Beta 0.87 Notes

  • Damage listed in card description is not correct. Testing with a level 9 Wizard sometimes results in a damage of 38, but the damage range should be 45-135 at that level. Seems to consistantly give damage values around 40-50, suspect it doesn't actually scale with level because testing with a level 4 and 15 Wizards give about the same values.
  • Description indicates it ignores defense, but it is affected by items that reduce damage (i.e. 50% reduction from Defensive Stance, immunity from Mislead, etc.).
  • Stun effect is applied before damage is dealt, and is applied even if damage is absorbed by opponent's damage shield.