Equipment Slotting Slotting items you equip grants you bonuses. To slot an item:

  1. Go to your Home screen
  1. On the right-hand side of the screen are the five types of crystals. Click on the crystal you want to slot. The word "Slotting" will appear in the middle of the screen and the cursor will change to look like that type of crystal.
  1. Click on the equipment you want to slot. A popup will tell you the bonus that will be granted. Click yest to slot the item, or no to cancel.

Once an item is slotted, there appears to be no way to remove the crystal.

Slotting bonuses appear to be the same regardless of the specific item or the level you are when you slot the item.

Weapon / Shield

Fire Crystal: +1 Weapon Damage

Air Crystal: +10 Speed

Earth Crystal: +1% Crit

Water Crystal: +10 Health

Aetheron Crystal: +10% of total attack

Cloak / Helm / Boots / Armor

Fire Crystal: +1 Attack

Air Crystal: +10 Energy

Earth Crystal: +1 Defense

Water Crystal: +10 Health

Aetheron Crystal: +5% of total health

Amulet / Ring

Fire Crystal: -1 Energy to play Fire cards (minimum 1)

Air Crystal: -1 Energy to play Air cards (minimum 1)

Earth Crystal: -1 Energy to play Earth cards (minimum 1)

Water Crystal: -1 Energy to play Water cards (minimum 1)

Aetheron Crystal: -1 Energy to play all cards (minimum 1)